What Would You Ask the Candidates for Mayor?

The Voice of the Voter debate featuring the three candidates for Rochester Mayor will air on WXXI-TV this Thursday, March 24 - what question would you like them to answer?

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The Voice of the Voter Mayoral Debate airs Thursday, March 24 at 9:00 p.m. on WXXI-TV.



Budget issue

I'd like to know what plans each candidate has with respect to the budget and how it may affect public safety. Will any funds be cut from the fire or police departments?

Racial and Economic Segregation

What would you do to reverse the economic and racial segregation of our communities, our public school and the MCC campuses?

Debate for Congressional seat?

Will WXXI have a debate for the congressional candidates to fill Chris Lee's seat?

re: Debate for Congressional seat?

Thanks for writing. WXXI is discussing the possibility of producing a debate in the 26th Congressional District with our public broadcasting news partner WNED in Buffalo. If and when plans are finalized, we'll announce them on the air and online.
Steve Dawe
Director of Multimedia Engagement

urban decline

Keeping in mind what cuts in core services has done in other municipalities such as Detroit or Flint Michigan;how do you plan to avoid cuts in core services to keep Rochester from becoming the next Detroit or Flint in the country in order to get people and businesses to want to invest in Rochester? What if any plan do you have to work with the county to reduce the HIV infection rate?