Golisano Pushes Popular Vote Movement

Tom Golisano has announced his new role in politics: spokesman for a national campaign to change the way the President of the United States is elected.

National Popular Vote is a non-profit group working to change Presidential elections away from using the electoral college and use the nationwide popular vote to determine who is elected to the White House.

Click Here to see the groups's website.

Click on the video box below to see a message the group released featuring Tom Golisano.





I believe it's long past time voting became something more direct, something we did from home. Whether we vote by phone, computer or cable television, we all {at least with very few exceptions} have the right and the means to be counted as a single vote -- In EVERY Election For EACH Elected Office.

Still, this campaign doesn't seem to be directed For The People; rather, it has the mark of a scheme to keep people out of office who don't suit the tax leary rich.