WXXI's Julie Philipp on PBS NewsHour National Broadcast

WXXI News Director Julie Philipp participated in a discussion about civil discourse in political debate on PBS NewsHour Thursday night on WXXI-TV.

Thursday night's segment provided a sampling of the atmosphere from select PBS stations around the country. Click on the video box below to watch the segment featuring Julie and journalists from other PBS stations around the country.

PBS NewsHour has reported on President Obama's call for civility and the ongoing debate over political speech in the wake of the shootings in Tucson.




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Ms. Phillipp-
It was interesting that you stated the bricks through the window of Slaughter's office and the DEMOCRATIC ( my bold) headquarters leaving the impression that they were done by opponents of the democrats and Slaughter since you did not note the people doing the brick throwing. If PBS and WXXI were fair and balanced, you would have quickly noted that in one case it was from a self-proclaimed anarchist and in the other, a disgruntled liberal. Again, the impression was left that it was the other side. Any wonder why people of logic call PBS one sided?