Making Sense of Mandates

As Governor Cuomo takes action, WXXI News investigates unfunded mandates in New York state and their impact locally beginning Monday.

WXXI’s news team will look at why these mandates are costing New York's taxpayers so much money, and who might suffer if they are lifted. The full week of programming kicks off Monday during NPR's Morning Edition on WXXI-AM1370. Click Here for more info in the WXXI News Special Coverage Section.

Governor Andrew Cuomo just named his new Mandate Relief Redesign Team following on his promise to do so in his State of the State address. Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks is part of the group that met for the first time via conference call Friday.



making sense of mandates

how may I access the excellent report done on wxxi radio this morning about early intervention programs? I would like to share this with some dd professionals.
Thank you
Kate M. Lyon

Making Sense of Mandates

Thanks for the feedback. There is a link to our special section Making Sense of Mandates in the highlight above. There you will find our news stories once they are completed and published. To listen to or read Carlet Cleare's story on Pre-School Special Education, you can also follow this link:
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