Innovation Trail: Offshore Wind Meets Onshore Resistance

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New York State's plan for an offshore windfarm on either Lake Ontario or Lake Erie is facing plenty of opposition.

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Conflict of Interest / Wind Turbine issue and local town board

I wish the AG's office would look 30 minutes south from Cape Vincent to our community of Henderson. Talk about a local governing board rampant with conflict of interests. They'd have to bring in more vans to load up all the files collected to review who's had their fingers in the pot. From the current town clerk to the former town supervisor ( back again on the board) all vying for transmission line kick-backs.
It's disgusting.......It's blatant.......and it should be investigated.

NYPA President is out of touch with Reality

Mr. Kessel is trying to be either very shrewd or he is an imbecile to say, "What's the biggest objection? It's aesthetics. People don't want to look at windmills."
The opposition is not about aesthetics. It is one of the issues but more importantly to those who oppose GLOW the many other more serious issues are the contaminated sediment disruption, wildlife impacts, the huge cost to the taxpayers in NYS, the rates that even Kessel predicts to be 3 to 5 times conventional power, navigation impacts, the fact that not one coal fired power plant will be replaced by a wind farm in the lake; the list just goes on. GLOW will cost NY tax payers over a billion dollars... how are we going to pay for this? Higher Taxes? NYS can't meet its obligations now, we are cutting services, talking about laying off state employees, eliminating jobs, cutting money for education... why waste our tax dollars on something that does not work.
Our Great Lakes are National Treasures, why would we allow them to be spoiled?

Off Shore Wind Meets Onshore Resistance

Thank you for the interesting interview.

It is no wonder there is a "Lack of Specificity" coming from the New York Power Authority (NYPA). There is an old saying "Crafty men deal in generalizations." Mr. Kessel has made this an art form.

Mr. Kessels statement "maybe they don't want the jobs" means exactly what? What "jobs" is he talking about? How many jobs? Are the jobs short term or long term? How many long term jobs will remain in New York when the higher electric rates provided by wind turbines are forced on rate payers? How will manufacturing in New York react to higher rates?

Mr. Kessel says, "the amount of power generated would be enough to run all the households in Buffalo." He forgot to add the word INTERMITTENTLY. The wind turbine arrays in Ontario Canada have very poor generation reliability. Hard data on the Canadian turbine arrays are available. Figures regarding reliability are less that 20%. Assuming Mr. Kessel is relying soley on wind power is Mr. Kessel willing to shut off the power at his home 80% of the time to accomadate wind turbines? Maybe Mr. Kessel believes Buffalo, New York should be without power 80% of the time.

I would like to know.


offshore wind

Industrializing our Great Lakes for the sake of expensive, intermittent power we don't need - is a poor idea. The New York Power Authority and its President Richie Kessel - cannot be trusted.

Offshore Wind

Thanks tp WXXI for presenting both sides of this debate. Shame on Mr. Kessel for referring to us as NIMBYs. The Great Lakes are the truly the greatest fresh water source on Earth. To consider turning them into toxic soup by excavating the lake bottom 166 times deeply enough to pour hundreds of tons of cement each time and erecting metal structures filled with over 200 gallons of oil each for a small amount of additive electricity (yes, additive, as it does not replace or reduce the amount of traditional electricity being produced by nuclear and coal sources) for the 10 or so year life expectency of each turbine (that is likely then to just rust and collapse in the lake, leaking oil) is hideous. This is about getting tax breaks and federal subsidies for NYPA. This is not "green", nor is it affordable. Look at the rest of the world- wind energy is falling out of favor worldwide. Only the U.S. is left to sell this bad idea to...

Wind Farm in the Great Lakes

There are 33,700 wind turbines in the U.S. Power grid now according to the American Wind Energy Association. They produce no (that's "0") baseload power that can be depended on. All these turbines provide only about 1-3% of the total U.S. power needs. Wind turbines provide only inconsistent power when the wind blows and that's no better than 30% of the time! Wind power causes more pollutants at times because conventional sources of power have to cycle up and down to accomodate wind resulting in inefficiency and more emissions.