Republican Nominee for Governor Interviewed on WXXI

Tea Party favorite Carl Paladino soundly defeated party designee and former congressman Rick Lazio.

Click Here to listen to WXXI News Director Julie Philipp's interview with Carl Paladino about his primary victory.

62% Carl Paladino

38% Rick Lazio

98% of precincts reporting

Paladino will now face Democrat Andrew Cuomo in the general election in November.



The Sad State of our Body Politic

Now I think the Republican Party has really gone to the extremists. It is a sad day when the Tea Party Candidates take over a major political party. We live in a post modern era with neo conservatives opposed to neo liberals. I was shocked when someone I know who is some thirty years youngs than I am, honestly did notg know who the presidents were, during the 1970s. Being the young Boomer that I am, I am reading Herman Wolks's The Winds of War, and War and Remembrance. I am also working on my doctorate
in public policy and public administration.