Innovation Trail: Hydrofracking Lessons from Pennsylvania

The Environmental Protection Agency will soon hold its final hearing on the natural gas drilling process called "hydro-fracking." In advance of the hearing, we're looking at what drilling might hold for New York state.

Click Here to listen to a story from WXXI Innovation Trail reporter Emma Jacobs about Pennsylvania's experience with the potential job creation aspect of Hydrofracking.




To frame the benifits of Slick Water Gas Extraction as the answer to unemployment is Unfair and VERY shortsighted.

The overuse of water, injecting chemicals into the ground and liberating others, while have DIRE consuquences. When water is poisoned, land is poisoned, and eventualy people poisoned there will be no way to fix it.

Short term gain by a few will create massive problems for the majority. This POOR idea will hasten the Earths demise.

hydrofracking slickwater fossil drilling

I feel that the current process of hydrofracking slickwater fossil drilling may lead to water, air and noise pollution. Because we can not live without clean water, I feel that no amount of money will offset the possible contamination of water, air and noise. Many of us prefer to live out our lives naturally, rather than being rushed into death because of pollution, corruption and money issues.