Reinventing the Windmill: The Beginning

WXXI's series of Innovation Trail reports looks at the first wind turbines built in New York State.

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PBS......I AM ASHAMED OF YOU! This is the most one sided presentation I have seen regarding windfarms in NYS except anything prepared by a wind farm company who wants to tear communities apart by forcing windfarms in residental and toursit areas where they do not belong. Yes, we need to attend to green energy....but we need to look WAY beyond saying some open farmland in NYS will do the trick. Wind energy is very complicated....this presentation is aimed at a first grader! Do your homework.....learn about the limits of our national grid system.....learn about the emerging issues of health for people living within a mile of windfarms.....learn about property value loss of people who live near windfarms but do not have windmills on their property.....learn about killing birds who are in fly way zones of NYS.....maybe not Madison county....but lots of other places! YOU HAVE NOT PRESENTED UNBIASED VIEW OF WINDFARMS IN NYS!

re: windfarms

Thanks for posting your comment. This story is just one in a series our Innovation Trail collaborative is producing examining many different facets of wind power, its future viability and its impact across New York State. A new story will air every Friday morning in WXXI-AM 1370 over the next several weeks. You can also find all the Innovation Trail "Reinventing the Windmill" stories (and other material) at
Steve Dawe
WXXI Director of Multimedia Engagement