What Would You Like to Ask Ken Burns?

Filmmaker Ken Burns visits Rochester's George Eastman House for a sold-out event this Friday. Your question could be asked as part of the discussion.

WXXI is partnering with George Eastman House to document Burns' appearance. We'll record his discussion including his answer to a question submitted online. You can watch the answer next Friday on WXXI-TV's Need to Know Rochester and here on WXXI.org.

Submit your question via the Add New Comment link below or Click Here to post a question on WXXI's Facebook page. 

Burns joined WXXI's Bob Smith on Tuesday's 1370 Connection to discuss our national pastime, his upcoming projects and what he calls "the negative space of creation". Click Here to listen to the entire interview. Click Here to listen to an interview with Burns' collaborator Geoffrey Ward who will also be honored at Friday's event.

Click Here for more information about Burns' visit on the George Eastman House website.



I'd like to know

Does Ken Burns has a guilty TV pleasure like Scooby Doo or WWF Wrestling?

Major League Baseball - lack of minority teamowners

Although baseball has made some progress hiring minorities for front-office jobs, what remains the greatest obstacle to increasing team ownership by minorities (especially African Americans)?

>>>Sidebar- Angels owner Arturo Moreno remains the sole principle MLB team owner who is a member of a minority group>

I would like to know if Ken

I would like to know if Ken Burns considers himself a "history buff" or a historian?