The Debate: Medical Marijuana for NY?

A new public opinion poll takes a new look at the possibility of legalized medical marijuana in New York.

Click Here to listen to a portion of Bob Smith's interview with Cornell's Yasamine Miller and Emily Owens about the poll they conducted.



Medical Marijuana

I think that Marijuana should be legal. there has never been a case of somebody getting cancer or dying from marijuana. second if its not going to be legal atleast make a law that will stop you from getting a job because you smoke weed or have it in your system.. yes of course there are other prescription drugs out there that do the same as marijuana would do but the question is what are the side effect of long term use of the prescription drug. The long term effect of marijuana is nothing bad. some people would say that marijuana could cause cancer, well so can alot of other things, not only that u can get cancer just cuz it runs in your genes. I have never heard of somebody getting cancer from marijuana. now cigarettes and alcohol are both legal kills people every day. yes some people smokes cigarettes for life and never get cancer, but it only takes a few drinks to get in a car and kill somebody because of it. Also there are people who dont work and receive money from the state that i pay taxes so that they can receive this money and the assistance that is needed for them, but don't have to take a drug test, i believe that i shouldn't have to take a drug test to get a job if they don't have a reason to suspect that i am on drugs. You can also be a school teacher working with all the kids but don't have to take a drug test. Now because i smoke marijuana i cant get a state job because i have to take a drug test, and have marijuana in my system, but if i wanted to i could be a drunk cuz there is really no way to find out if i am drinking every night after work, or i could sniff coke cuz that is only in your system for a few days... so you tell me what is right that i cant smoke weed that dosn't have very many side effects, but i could do other ilegal drugs because it don't stay in your system for that long...