President Obama Meets with Flight 3407 Families During Visit

President Barack Obama's brief three hour visit to western New York included a discussion about airline safety with the families of victims of the crash that killed dozens outside Buffalo last year.

The President's trip is part of his "White House to Main Street" tour about the economy. He spoke at a company called Industrial Support after touring the manufacturing facilities there.

WXXI's Carlet Cleare is in Buffalo and you can hear a complete wrap of the President's visit during All Things Considered beginning at 4:00 only on WXXI-AM 1370.

The photo below shows the area set up for the President's appearance at Industrial Support in Buffalo.



The president

I think it is a shame the president comes here and makes himself unavailable to "us" the people he is representing. Sort of like a car salesman they sell you a car and then forget about you. My young daughter wrote him an e mail and never got a response back. Not even a Form letter response. How sad is that, just shows her what kind of country we live in. One for only the "elite"