Tea Party Supporters Rally

The Tea Party rally in Rochester was the second one to be held on federal income tax deadline day.



Inaccurate and misleading WXXI coverage of Tea Party Tax Day

The WXXI online story about the Tea Party rally yesterday in no way accurately characterizes the events that took place nor the main concerns by the participants. The majority of Americans are fed up with the leftist progressive bias by supposed news media organizations such as yours.

The story places emphasis on viewpoints that are not necessarily of main concern to tea party movement members. In essence, WXXI has painted a picture that we are extremists, when in fact, we are not. We are average Americans who are fed up with the corruption of our government and we are critical of both Republicans and Democrats. We are very concerned about our movement towards socialism and want to return government to its Constitutional limits. These things, not the issues mentioned by WXX-Lie, are our principle concerns.

I suppose that it is necessary for WXXI to spread these lies in order to cater to the fantasies of its narrow-minded liberal target audience, but it is disgusting to most free-thinkers. I have not heard any broadcast version of the story, but I'm sure that if there was one, it was equally egregious.

Kevin Williams' Comments...?

Did I hallucinate or did I hear Kevin Williams on the radio at the Teaparty rally denying that global warming is a) man made, and b) urgent enough to require a "change" in our standard of living...?


Some one please tell me I'm hallucinating, or misheard...

Kevin Williams is an idiot, WHEC needs to replace him

You heard correctly. Kevin Williams doesn't understand global warming and makes his ignorance well-known. Mr. Williams is in direct opposition to the American Meteorological Society ( http://www.ametsoc.org/policy/2007climatechange.html
). I think the biggest waste of money of all time was when WHEC used their precious Olympic coverage commercial time to "turn to a meteorologist you can trust - Kevin Williams". It's a poor reflection on the whole station. I'm starting to think that WHEC may be sort of a Fox News of Rochester (although I haven't really watched it, so my only impression of them is this Kevin William fiasco).

go watch "the great global

go watch "the great global warming swindle" produced by the BBC in 2006. then you at least have some background information to sound like less of an uninformed twit.