Governor Paterson Answering to Upstate at WXXI

Watch the program the entire state is buzzing about after Governor Paterson came to Rochester. 

"Answering to Upstate" is a production of WXXI and the Democrat and Chronicle. It is first of its kind televised editorial board meeting with newspaper editors from the D&C and newspapers in Buffalo, Syracuse, Binghamton, Elmira, Ithaca and Watertown.




Paterson Editorial Review

I am concerned about the members of the editorial board who questioned Mr. Paterson - was there a Woman? an Educator? how many persons of Color? Having read the follow up in the Democrat and Chronicle, it appeared that it was a heavily patriachal representation of our community. If we are going to have true discourse, we need true representation. I expect more of WXXI

Paterson Editorial Review

Margaret, thanks for the comment. "Answering to Upstate" was a special program that began with an idea at the Democrat and Chronicle. The goal was to provide a wider audience the opportunity to see an editorial board meeting with the governor. These meetings occur regularly between newsmakers and the senior staff of newspapers. This meeting was unique in that it included editors from newspapers across upstate New York questioning the governor. The panel included James Lawrence and Jane Sutter representing the Democrat and Chronicle. You can watch the complete program and see a complete list of participating editors here:
Steve Dawe

Patterson Misinformation

I am a NYS Correctional Officer working at Ogdensburg Correctional Facility, a medium security prison that is targeted to be closed by the Governor's proposed budget. When the Governor made the statement that there are no prisoners in these slated facilities he is either lying or misinformed. I know for a fact there are over 450 inmates housed at Ogdensburg Correctional Facility.

I hope Gov. Patterson paid a portion of the production cost for the program. It was clear to me that it was a political speech to further his campaign. I was disappointed that not one of the editorial representatives seemed to challenge any of the responses that Gov. Patterson gave.

How could you allow him a platform to speak and influence the public without checking to see if his "facts" were accurate? This misinformation and misrepresentation will negatively impact my family, my co-workers and my community.