Monroe County School Boards on Mayoral Control

The debate over mayoral control of Rochester schools continues with a new voice on WXXI.

Monroe County School Boards Association executive director Jody Siegle talks with WXXI's Bob Smith about how her organization views the controversial issue of mayoral control and cuts in state aid.  Hear it Wednesday on All Things Considered only on WXXI AM 1370 beginning at 4:00pm.



Saving money by consolidating city and county school districts

Do we really need 17 school boards and 17 central office administrations to do the same job that Wake County, NC (Raleigh) does with 1 superintendent and 9 school board members? Is it really worth it to pay the highest property taxes in the country to keep all these people employed? To learn more, read Syracuse University prof Gerald Grant's book comparing the Wake County, NC, school system to Syracuse and Onondaga County: Hope and Despair: Why are there no bad schools in Raleigh?

Also, check out the Wake County Public School System website at:

My kids attended an inner-city school magnet school that had been transformed from a low-performing school to a highly-sought school with over 40% low-income and 50/50 African-American/White with a huge wait list of suburban parents who wanted their children to attend a downtown school near where they worked. Instead of involuntarily busing the low-income kids to the suburbs, parents throughout the county could either automatically attend their neighborhood school, or choose to attend one of the downtown magnet schools. It's a win/win situation -- the ultimate public school choice option.