Native America Series: On-Demand

Native America Series: On-Demand

 G. Peter Jemison (Seneca/Onӧndowa’ga:’) in Longhouse. Seneca is the name English speakers use referring to the Onӧndowa’ga:’, which translates to “people of the Great Hill."

Courtesy of Providence Pictures

Native America illuminates the splendor of a past whose story has for too long remained untold.

Made with the active participation of Native American communities and filmed in some of the most spectacular locations in the hemisphere. Weaving history and science with living Indigenous traditions, the series brings to life a land of massive cities connected by social networks spanning two continents, with unique and sophisticated systems of science, art and writing. Native America, a new four-part series from Providence Pictures.

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Episode One: From Caves to Cosmos . 
Combine ancient wisdom and modern science to answer a 15,000-year-old question: who were America’s First Peoples? The answer hides in Amazonian cave paintings, Mexican burial chambers, New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon and waves off California’s coast.

Episode Two: Nature to Nations - 
Explore the rise of great American nations, from monarchies to democracies. Investigate lost cities in Mexico, a temple in Peru, a potlatch ceremony in the Pacific Northwest and a tapestry of shell beads in upstate New York whose story inspired our own democracy. Ganondagan State Historic Site Manager G. Peter Jemison explains the message that united the Haudenosaunee people, the Great Law of Peace. He shares the roles of the three individuals who were responsible for sharing the message, the principles, and to understand what happened when the Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga and Mohawk accepted the message of peace.

Episode Three: Cities of the Sky - 
Discover the cosmological secrets behind America’s ancient cities. Scientists explore some of the world’s largest pyramids and 3D-scan a lost city of monumental mounds on the Mississippi River; native elders reveal ancient powers of the sky.

Episode Four: New World Rising 
Discover how resistance, survival and revival are revealed through an empire of horse-mounted Comanche warriors, secret messages encoded in an Aztec manuscript and a grass bridge in the Andes that spans mountains and centuries.