Bonus Material

Leading up to the premiere of “Music for Life: The Story of the New Horizons” on December 4th, we’ll be sharing video clips, introducing you to the producers, and giving you an insider’s look into the production right here. Click on the links below to explore more.


Sunday, May 21st - 11:00pm

Learn more about this music program for senior musicians whose skills range from novice to seasoned.

Wednesday, December 9th - 8:00pm

Marian found respite during a time of trouble. George found his life partner. Marjorie found something she’d thought she’d lost forever. They all found more than they bargained for when they joined the New Horizons Music Program

Watch now.

Marian plays the cello in the Eastman New Horizons Orchestra.

Watch now.

Bud plays the drums in the Eastman New Horizons Band.

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