Classical Afternoons for September

Classical Afternoons for September

Weekdays from 2pm-7pm

Evening on the Genesee River

Our voices press

from us

and twine

around the year's

fermenting wine

   - A Crown of Autumn Leaves,
                 by Annie Finch


Are you ready for fall? What are your favorite parts of Autumn in the Rochester area?

I'm welcoming cooler times, even as I'm loath to say goodbye to my first Rochester summer - full of festivals and fun, long evenings, and a few travels throughout the region. The days are now warm, but not hot, the evenings are pleasant, and I've filled my calendar with enough plans for the fall (Eastman! RPO! Met Opera at the movies! Everything!) that I don't think I can hold on to too much regret at the turn of the seasons.  

Even as the seasons do change, one thing stays the same: there will be lots of music to enjoy on the radio. I hope you can join me to listen afternoons and evenings on Classical 91.5, 90.3, or at You'll also find some fun things to read on the WXXI Classical blog, where I'm starting to post a little bit more. 



2:00 PM 5 X a week

Is the Spanish music on only for the month of September or is this a permanent change. This is not the music I look forward to on WXXI which
I listen to at home, in the ca,r or on my iPod when I go for a walk.

Wxxi is an important part of my life.

Carol Basener



Hi! It's not a permanent change - this series continues for just another week and a day. It's a special program for Hispanic Heritage Month: http://interactive.w...

Thanks for checking in, and I'm glad that WXXI is part of your life too!

p.s. Do you have the iPod with the radio in it? I'm thinking about one of those, since I do a lot of walking.