Streaming Problem Report

We're sorry that you're having trouble streaming WXXI and related radio stations.  We're really trying to get to the bottom of the problem and our streaming service provider has asked us to gather the following information about what's happening to help us track down what's going on...

So that we can get back to you follow-up questions or provide updates about the streaming service.

Please provide as exact of a time or times as possible (the information will be compared to our streaming logs to look for dropouts that match)... If it's currently happening, for example, put today's time and date.

Where are you located, geographically?

Please select all of the methods of streaming above that you tried and experienced the same problem on

Please use a web-browser on the device you were listening with (if possible) and go to Please enter the IP address given at the top of the page (It's 4 numbers separated by 3 periods).

Please describe what failed, how it failed, and what you had to do to fix it (if you could). (ie: did the stream stop and you need to hit play button to restart? did the audio fade in and out? did the stream drop and come back on its own after a delay?)