WXXI News has you covered this election season

With the Republican and Democratic National Conventions now behind us, the election season moves into full swing, and WXXI News will be with you the whole way. From local news stories and guests on Connections with Evan Dawson to reports from Karen DeWitt in Albany and national news from NPR and PBS — WXXI has you covered. Our fair, balanced and respectful reporting (in contrast to so much shouting from other outlets) will help guide the way and provide you the information you ned to make an informed choice on Election Day. And remember, WXXI does not run political ads, which means that when you're listening to Morning Edition or watching The NewsHour, you'll be getting broadcasts unfettered by campaign messaging. So whether you're a committed news junkie or just a curious voter, you can confidently turn to WXXI to get all sides of the story, not just the one you agree with. 


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