WXXI News Extends Its Impact

Thank you for making your pledge of support during our Spring Radio Membership Drive. Because of the community outpouring, we were able to reach our goal and shave nearly two days off our campaign. It obviously signals the value placed on public radio — especially WXXI News — so I'd like to share some information on a couple of our recent ventures. 

Our news department continues to grow and have impact beyond the Greater Rochester area. We received two grants that will enhance our efforts. One is an upstate news hub project, funded in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It is intended to enhance the quality of news content and strengthen regional coverage on TV, radio and online. We are also embarking on an innovative citizen journalism project called “YelleR” with partners WDKX radio, Hacks/Hackers Rochester, RIT’s Journalism faculty, and the Department of Adolescence Education at Nazareth College. The YelleR project will allow the creation of a “Citizen Journalism” mobile app, as well as community outreach initiatives, to broaden news consumption and participation among traditionally underserved populations, such as minorities and citizens under 30. We’re proud to be the lead station in these initiatives that allow us to give back to the community. 

We're committed to staying connected to the community and these ventures are just another way to keep that commitment going. Your support helps us to do this as well, and we thank you for that. 

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