Working to make stronger connections with our members online!

As more and more people get their information online – and as we’ve all become aware of the need to “go green” and help protect our environment – we’ve come to an important decision about Station Signals. Starting next month, the kind of comprehensive radio and television program information provided by Station Signals will be available on our website,  
A change in the way we communicate with our members was inevitable, as the cost of paper, printing and postage escalated over the year. Pushing us along was the painful state funding cut we suffered in Albany this year. Protecting our mission (and, of course, the programming you expect and deserve) was our top priority. We had already cut travel, equipment purchases, benefits and staffing.  At the same time, we’ve been investing in and email communication.  Every progressive organization is taking advantage of new media to expand its reach in programming, services and communication; WXXI is no exception.

This change will allow us to turn our attention to creating robust and engaging e-newsletters and other online services.  Much of what you’ve expected each month from Station Signals will be there for you, including easily navigated schedules as well as highlights of upcoming events, programs and special member opportunities. Add to that expanded media from your favorite shows, and we are certain your online experience will make a destination in your daily life.

But we will not abandon you in print entirely. In place of Station Signals we will be producing a listings guide that will provide you with a monthly schedule of our three digital television channels, as well as Classical 91.5, AM 1370 and WRUR-FM 88.5. In July, all members will receive this new printed piece.  But after July, you will need to contact our membership department to confirm that you’d like to continue receiving the listings by mail, or electronically by email. To make your request, please call (585) 258-0200 or send an email to

This is just one way that will enable us to conserve funds without sacrificing the integrity of our programs and services. We’ve taken other measures to cut costs as well, including reductions in production expenses, printing, events, travel, and benefits and staffing. Audits have been conducted to ensure that WXXI is on the best and most cost-effective energy plans.

In fact, we were again recognized by Charity Navigator, the nation’s premier charity evaluator, with their highest rating, four stars. Only 19% of charities and nonprofits in the nation received a four-star rating for two years in a row.  According to Charity Navigator, “WXXI Public Broadcasting Council consistently executes its mission in a fiscally responsible way, and outperforms most other charities in America.” I was most pleased by these words in the letter, that WXXI’s ranking “demonstrates to the public it is worthy of their trust.”

We’re doing everything we can to keep WXXI strong. Your support is part of that, and we greatly appreciate it. Remember, after this month, my letters will still be available at I trust that you will continue to read them. There's even a place for your comments. I look forward to the exchange, and I hope these changes will help make you even more connected as a member of WXXI.

Best regards,

Norm Silverstein
WXXI President & CEO