A Special Story

We hear a lot of heart-warming stories at WXXI and here’s one I have to share.

The other day Kathy Reed, our Director of Major and Planned Giving, and I went to our lobby to meet a man who had walked in and said he had a check for us. It turned out that his wife of 54 years had passed away in January.  Among her wishes was that he should sell her wedding ring and give the proceeds to WXXI. I looked at Kathy, and we were both overwhelmed by such a stirring and selfless expression. With tears in his eyes, he gave us a check for $2,000, the proceeds from the sale of the ring. We sincerely thanked him, though I felt no amount of gratitude – regardless of how heartfelt – would be adequate enough.

Despite understanding that it was an isolated yet remarkable story, I can’t help being reminded of it as we are in the midst of our March Membership campaign. With every phone call that comes in, there may be another special reason as to why somebody is making a gift. Whatever your consideration might be, we appreciate your support and promise to continue providing the vital programming that you, your family, and our community depends on.