The Little Theatre is still a Big Deal

I’m going to let you in on a “Little Secret.”  The partnership between WXXI and the Little Theatre just celebrated its second anniversary and so far, our relationship is going strong!

We’ve raised and invested more than $500,000 in upgrades and improvements at the Little and you can see the difference.  Theaters 2-5 have new digital projectors, screens and sound systems.  We also replaced the seats in Theater 2, with plans on the drawing board for the rest of the theaters (funding permitting).

Throughout this process, WXXI is keeping in mind the need to preserve “the Little experience.” That’s why we have so many panel discussions and events at the Little – it’s part of the “shared experience” of enjoying a film with friends and hearing others react.  Our partnership with local film festivals is key, so we will maintain the ability to show historic and archival films that haven’t been “digitized.” Music in the café, the way we showcase works of local artists, a venue for the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival, and other special events are all important to the future of the Little Theatre.

So if you haven’t done so lately, drop by the theatre -- especially this weekend, as we honor the late Philip Seymour Hoffman by presenting six of his films in three days. Proceeds will benefit a special Hoffman Award presented to a young filmmaker at the Rochester Teen Film Festival. To learn more about the film tribute series, click here.