The Little Provides a Canvas for the Community

As if having the best independent and foreign films, the best live, local music nightly, and the best popcorn in town weren't enough reasons to visit the Little Theatre — now you can go there to see one of the most talked about pieces of art in the city! The Little was recently selected to be a canvas for one of the original pieces of of the Wall\Therapy project. Organized by Ian Wilson, a radiologist at the University of Rochester Medical Center, Wall\Therapy is a city-wide mural project that has brought a dozen acclaimed artists to Rochester to inspire people to take pride in their community and enhance the landscape of our community.

The mural on the back wall of the Little facing Pitkin Street was painted by the Spanish-born, German-raised, Manhattan-based twins How and Nosm, who finished their work in less than 17 hours! The world-renowned artists' work, “See the Forest for the Trees,” is a complex image with stories placed within a larger scene. It's an amazing sight to behold driving by — but even more amazing up close. When you visit the theatre, you can go through the back doors of the Little Café and see the incredible detail up close. WXXI and the Little are proud to help bring a renewed sense of energy and color to Rochester’s East End and give the community another great reason to visit one of its cultural gems.