Join WXXI in celebrating Jim Lehrer's career on PBS

This past Friday marked Jim Lehrer's final turn as a regularly scheduled anchor on PBS after 36 years in the job. Though he has steped down officially, he will still continue to moderate the show's news analysis panel with columnists Mark Shields and David Brooks. But for many it was the trusted presence he brought to the seat of one of the most respected news programs on television.

Lehrer believes the PBS NewsHour still has a vital role to play in American journalism. In fact his background as a journalist -- he began his career as a newspaperman, covering the Kennedy assassination in 1963 -- helped define his integrity and unique perspective on how news is presented.
In a recent article in the Baltimore Sun, Leher had this to say: "The thing that people forget is that with all this news coming out -- more and more words, more and more information -- there has to be a trusted source from which this comes. We've spent years developing that trust, and even though people may not sit and watch all these nightly news programs that they used to, they still want to have that source they can trust. They want to be able to say, 'Oh my God, well, this came from PBS or NBC, or fill in the blank, and that means this is something I need to pay attention to on the fact part of it.'"

If you remember the program as the The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour and you have been a loyal viewer for several decades, I invite you to join me to celebrate Jim Leher's career on PBS and add your comments and messages to a card we will be sending him. It's also an opportunity to show your support for the fair, balanced and trustworthy news service that WXXI provides both on television and radio. As we approach the end of our fiscal year, renewing your membership or providing an additional gift will ensure that the news service remain an integral part of what WXXI provides our community.