Invest in WXXI and help us reach our goal

Over the last couple weeks WXXI has shot six performances at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival, completed production on the eighth season of Second Opinion, presented concerts as part of the Hochstein at High Falls series, provided educational outreach information at the Maplewood Rose Festival -- and won three New York State Broadcasters Association Awards, three Associated Press Awards and two Communicator Awards. You should be as proud of those accomplishments as we are because it is only through membership support that it's all made possible. It's the very same support that provides the programming to serve the Greater Rochester area.

Unbiased news… Local arts and culture... Twelve hours of non-commercial children's shows. That’s what WXXI Public Broadcasting brings to you each day.  But as our fiscal year end draws to a close on June 30, we still have a ways to go to reach our goal. We face significant cuts in government funding and need your help to keep this station strong.  People make contributions for a number of reasons. You want to do good things for the community. You want a positive return on your investment.  A contribution to WXXI is a great investment for the entire region.   Please, Go Public and take this moment to make a gift of support right here on-line, or call 258-0200. Every dollar will help ensure the continued vitality of a service that’s important in your life, a service you use and benefit from every day. Thank you for your support.