Education Takes the Stage Again!

We often talk about the power of partnerships, whether it’s two organizations finding some symbiotic energy to address a community problem or two groups discovering that there is a parallel in their missions that can be made stronger by working together. A great example of both those is the upcoming Education Takes the Stage Luncheon.

If you remember, last March WXXI and the RPO pooled their resources for the inaugural Education Takes the Stage Luncheon where we helped introduce the RPO’s new Music Director Arild Remmereit to the Rochester community. The luncheon was conceived as a fundraiser to help sustain both organizations’ educational missions, and aside from Remmereit’s keynote address, attendees got to experience some of the educational outreach efforts of both organizations. The event was a huge success as more than 650 people filled the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.

This year’s luncheon takes place on Wednesday, March 28 with an inspiring presentation from Harmony Project founder Dr. Margaret Martin and live music performed by RPYO ensembles and students from Strings for Success. Though tickets are nearly sold out, you can still reserve your spot by calling Michael Ciacia at 454-7311, ext 268. You can go to the event’s highlight page here to discover all the details. I can promise it will be a fascinating and entertaining event with proceeds benefiting the educational programs of both WXXI and the RPO. I hope to see you at the Convention Center this Wednesday as Education Takes the Stage!