The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be an unprecedented crisis

I hope that our work keeping the community well informed with the latest official information is of comfort. We are proud of the many ways that WXXI is helping our community to weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

WXXI News and CITY is doing an incredible job in covering the coronavirus and how it has affected our community. This includes the daily conversations on Connections with Evan Dawson, coverage of Governor Cuomo’s briefings, our LIVE Forums on WXXI-TV, and our daily news reports from the front lines. In fact, in the last month, four of our local news stories on COVID-19 have run nationally on NPR.

Our “Learn At Home” broadcast schedule for students continues on WXXI-TV and WXXI-WORLD while our Education Team continues to provide connected learning resources for educators and caregivers to utilize with students while watching the broadcasts. We’re helping young people stay engaged and involved, as we work to bridge the gap until schools are able to open again.