Weekdays in April during the noon hour

Join Julia Figueras during the noon hour to celebration National Poetry Month.

In time for National Poetry Month (April), the Poetry Foundation is offering a series of 5-minute radio pieces that feature some of today’s most accomplished and innovative poets reading and sharing insights on new and as-yet unpublished poems.  PoetryNow is an acoustically rich source for listening in on the writing process of living poets you know and for discovering new voices. 

4/1       A Poem for Ciaran         by Fanny Howe

4/2       It is with Words as it is with People        by Anthony Madrid


4/6       Herman Finley   by Jericho Brown

4/7       Man/Dela          by Thomas Sayers Ellis

4/9       Poem   by Lucy Ives

4/10      my loved blacknesses & some blacknesses I knew          by Kadijah Queen


4/13      Life’s Work        by Rae Armantrout

4/14      Visions at 74     by Frank Bidart

4/16      The News         by Wendy Xu

4/17      Slaves of Hope Live Only For Tomorrow    by CAConrad


4/20      I Want to Be Near You   by Oli Hazzard

4/21      LA Odyssey      by Cedar Sigo

4/23      Two Nudes       by Mary Jo Bang

4/24      And      by Robert Fernandez


4/27      Us Versus Them  by David Tomas Martinez

4/28     You've Got to Start Somewhere    by Deborah Landau 

4/30      Shift      by Jamaal May