Midday Music Highlights, 6/20-6/24/11

Midday Music Highlights, 6/20-6/24/11

Weekdays from 10AM-2PM

The Summer Solstice is coming!

Image by Cathy via Flickr

Hope you can spend the day with me!  Here are some hints of things to come...

Monday, June 20

--The piece that launched Andre Watts’ solo career

--A “stout and steaky” salute to Old London Town

--A symphony by a gent who was once the toast of Vienna

--And what happens when you do right by a King…

Tuesday, June 21:

--Reger reworks Beethoven

--A short piece from the Bückeburg Bach

--Celebrating the summer solstice with Prokofiev, Delius, Honegger & Rodrigo

--And a reminder of the other solstice down under…


Wednesday, June 22:

--A conductor who knows his way around Czech music plays Dvorak

--A Dvorak specialist conducts Rubbra

--Music for Cardiff

--And a dentist’s dances

Thursday, June 23:

--A rather cheerful funeral motet

--Two musicians with extraordinarily long careers

--A couple of pieces by a Native American teen

--And the winning combination of James Levine and Mozart

Friday, June 24:

--One of Tchaikovsky’s final works

--An overture for the Bard

--A rarity from a youthful Gustav Holst

--And a waltz used to herald in 2 new millennia