Wellesley Island

Summer homes along the St. Lawrence seaway

Wellsley Island stop: LaDuchesse

Boldt Yacht House

Originated at Boldt Castle by George Boldt, hotelier. He built his castle on Heart Island for his wife, Louise. She died in 1904 as castle was finished. He built a largest yacht house at the time.

Boldt Castle

He collected boats among them La Duchesse: Houseboat 110 ft long 25 ft. wide, 2 stories high 100 years old.

1916 Bolt died, and family sold the house to Lifesaver millionaire, Edward John Noble. He let La Duchesse fall into disrepair and sink.

His neighbor, Andrew McNally bought the boat for $1.

He had it raised and over to the bay and beached it by his parent's house. He could not repair it due to the war at that time. Since then, it has been historically repaired. They replaced even the furniturings with original piano from the yacht house.

Teddy McNally, son, tells story.

Johnathan Watson, tours through.

Hitching a Ride from Wellesley Island, NY to Kingston, ON

Captain: Gary Magwood

Boat Name: Inward Bound


Sails to the Carribbean regularly. Survived cap-sizing in a huge storm.

Hitching a Ride from Wellesley Island to Kingston