Oswego Maritime Museum

Rosemary Nesbitt, Founder, Canal Museum

Chronicles Maritime History from 1654, 2 French Jesuits were first Europeans to come here in 1654. Oswego because a fur trade center due to its key location on the Great Lakes.


Fort Ontario:

Paul Lear, Historic Site Manager

Fort Ontario had an important role in:

French & Indian War
War of 1812
Civil War regiments organized
WWI Hospital for wounded soldiers from overseas
Only WWII Refugee Camp in the U.S. 982 refugees of the Nazi Holocaust stayed there from 1944-46.

Oswego Canal 

Great Homes from Boom Time during the Oswego Canals Hey Day of 1827 as positioning canal to the Great Lakes. Today a tourists' stop.

Oswego Maritime Foundation 

Aquatic eco-system and maritime history appreciation., Teach 9-17 years old learn to sail. 4000+ youth have gone through the program.Trevor Allen, instructor. Build a classroom ship modeled from the 1800's 85-foot schooner.

Dick Pfund, Founder


A popular summer festival in Osewgo.

Hitching a Ride from Oswego to Sackets Harbor

Sailboat: 68 foot Gaff Rigged Schooner

Live on the boat and travel the festival route through the Great Lakes during the summer.

Hitching a Ride from Oswego, NY to Sackets Harbor

Boat Name: Pilgrim

Captain(s): Gary and Kathleen Kurtz