16 miles from Cape Vincent, NY to Clayton.

Clayton Antique Boat Show

Considered the premier inland boat show in America

Gathering of 1964 local boat owners has become a nationwide event.

Boats Auctioned Off

Aliante, Marden's Family collects boats.

Clayton Antique Boat Museum

Charlotte Yahle, spokesperson

200+ Boats

Production Boats: CrisCraft, Garwood and Century

Skiffs, Canoes, Small Sailboats

Some Auction Boats from the Antique Boat Show

Flying Cloud-1928

Patty & Clay Thompson restored.

Bought in Oklahoma . Restored from the bottom up, literally. Researched original.

Past: Owned by Ransom Olds of Oldsmobile, named after premier car model. The Oldes family had in FL, until the 1920's stock market crash. He sold it to Al Capone. 

Al Capone in Flying Cloud.

1807 Gilbert owned by Robert Cox

Palmer PC engine

Restored and auctioned

John Scott Cowan drives boat designed by his father.

Mark Evens, Cris Craft-Helen Mary was bought the week he got married and named after his wife.

Sail Maker, Douglass Fowler and sees his sails at the show.

Hitching a Ride from Clayton to Wellesley Island

Captain(s): Jaequeline & George Lachapelle from Montreal

Power Boat: 1967 Riva-Complete Mahoghany with 22 coats of varnish that must be renewed every 5 years. 750 Riva boats built in Italy. 427 GM block engines. Stratavereus of motor yachts.

Peter Sellers and Brigette Bardeau spent half a million for one of these boats

Hitching a Ride from Clayton to Wellesley Island on the way to Kingston.