Hitching A Ride on the Great Lakes

There's something that calls us all the the water. And the world's largest body of fresh water is the Great Lakes. This series will take you on a journey across this inland ocean.

On each leg of the journey, we'll hitch a ride with a different sailor, on a different boat.

We'll meet everyone from a young boy enjoying his first experience on the water to an Olympian training for her second game.

And we'll travel on everything from a ketch to a schooner, from the very simple, to most exclusive and luxourious.

We'll sail up the east coast of Lake Ontario, on the the world's most exquisite cruising grounds, from Irondequoit Bay in Rochester, New York to Kingston, Ontario.

Along the way, we'll hear fascinating stories. We'll visit wonderful towns. We'll even learn a little history.

From metropolis to wilderness, from above and below, we'll explore these lakes and the people who love them.

So join us as we "Hitch a ride, on the Great Lakes."