Mystery Train

Wed, 07/22/2009 - 6:00pm
Mystery Train host Mark Grube
Don't miss Mystery Train on Wednesday nights at 6 on WRUR-FM 88.5. Hosted by Mark Grube, the program is an eclectic musical journey where one genre rolls seamlessly into the next, linking artists and songs from the past and present in unique and interesting ways. From blues to bop, folk to funk and soul to swing, you'll hear the most original and distinctive music sequenced to inspire a new appreciation for the familiar and a sense of anticipation for what's over that next horizon.
"When I was first planning out what Mystery Train would sound like, I wanted lots of different genres hooked up together like freight cars," explains Grube. "But I didn't just want to play songs at random. I wanted a reason for one tune to follow another." Grube admits that some sets fall together easily, while others take days to prepare. "Most shows kind of end up going where they want."


willie nelson

Hey Mark,
Love your show.
What was that Willie Nelson tune you played this eve at around 6:15? I missed the tag.

Hi Brian

That was Milk Cow Blues, title track from a terrific record I play all the time. Francine Reed sang on it too, from Lyle Lovett's band.

Professor longhair

I heard a song today, march 31, by professor longhair that seemed to be a cover of an alternative band, I'm not sure if that's a fact, I really liked the song and was impressed, I am not familiar with prof. Longhair at all, could you tell me the name of that song, thank you

Rum & Coca-Cola

That's the name of the Longhair tune from yesterday's show. It would've been on at around 6:30pm or so. It's from the Professor Longhair Anthology, on the Rhino label.