Masterpiece Mystery! Miss Marple

Sun, 07/05/2009 - 9:00pm
Pictured: Benedict Cumberbatch and Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple
Credit: ©ITV Global Entertainment for Masterpiece
Masterpiece Mystery! continues to bring audiences the best in sleuthing adventures this summer when Miss Marple returns to PBS in Miss Marple, Series IV, airing Sundays at 9 p.m. in July, beginning July 5 on WXXI-TV (DT21.1/cable 1011/11)

Decades after writer Agatha Christie’s death (1976), Miss Marple remains one of her most enduring fictional characters, appearing not only in still-in-print collections, but in numerous films and television programs based on her books and short stories. The elderly spinster Miss Marple brandishing her knitting needles — is one of literature’s most popular creations.

Acclaimed British actress Julia McKenzie (Cranford) takes over the iconic role of Miss Marple in four new episodes of the fourth season of the “Miss Marple” series.

When Miss Marple learns in A Pocket Full of Rye (7/5) of the deaths of businessman Rex Fortescue (Kennetth Cranham, Valkyrie), his young wife, Adele, and their housemaid, Gladys, the circumstances vividly recall the nursery rhyme Sing a Song of Sixpence. Since Miss Marple had trained Gladys herself, she has a personal reason to investigate. Will her reasoning and deduction make sense of the rhyme and at last reveal the culprit?

In Murder Is Easy (7/12), Miss Marple hears from a fellow railway passenger about a string of murders in a peaceful village town. When she learns that the passenger is involved in a tragic accident before making her report to the police, Miss Marple decides to investigate further to track down the killer, unearthing secrets about the village and its inhabitants.

In They Do It With Mirrors (7/19), the power goes out during rehearsal for an amateur show, commotion ensues and a murder takes place elsewhere in the house. As witness to the confusion, Miss Marple must decipher the elaborate conjuring trick played by the killer.

In Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? (7/26), a young adventurer, the sole witness to a dying man’s enigmatic last words, seeks to solve the riddle they pose by forming an unlikely alliance with Miss Marple and a beautiful socialite. Together, they must navigate a hotbed of stifled emotion, murder, treachery and poisonous deceit to reveal the devastating truth.