Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts

Mon, 01/05/2009 - 8:00pm
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Host Rick Fulker

Deutsche Welle

The tradition of superpower performances from the Beethoven, Moritzburg, Ris?r, and Schleswig-Holstein Festivals continues in this 26-week season of new performances. Producer and host Rick Fulker selects the best from the full range of festival concerts. Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts airs Mondays at 8 p.m., beginning January 5 on Classical 91.5/90.3/HD 91.5-1.

The performances include modern repertory at Cologne's spectacular Music Triennial to early music at the Bach Festival in Leipzig and the Handel Festival in Hall to Early Music Days in Regensburg. Then there's that mainstay of Deutsche Welle's listings, the Beethoven Festival in the broadcaster's home city of Bonn. The Bamberg Symphony, Philharmonia Orchestra, Czech Philharmonic, Concerto Köln, Jonathan Nott, Zdenek Mácal, Andrew Manze, Paavo Järvi, Lars Vogt, Christian Tetzlaff, Andrew Davis and Frank Peter Zimmermann are names that turn up here and guarantee memorable performances. Often they contribute their own thoughts to the concert broadcasts.

The recordings are consistently of "Made in Germany" high standards, and bringing it all together is host and producer Rick Fulker. Having observed German music closely for some time, he's able to select from the riches on the filled concert calendar, sometimes sad that there are "only" twenty-six programs in the series.