Overdose Epidemic Resources

Overdose Epidemic Resources

Overdose Epidemic: It's Okay to Ask for Help: NYS HopeLine

Resources for the Overdose Epidemic

Monroe County: If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, you can find help via Monroe County's 24/7 hotline, IMPACT, at 585-753-5300.

New York State Office of Substance Abuse Services and Supports (OASAS) 

OASAS Resources for Prevention, Education, Treatment, Recovery, Harm Reduction


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Local WXXI News Stories are included here: 

Connections with Evan Dawson Talk Show from 2/15/23

Fentanyl 101 Podcast

This film is part of the New York State Public Media Overdose Epidemic, an initiative funded by the New York State Education Department that has called on NYS public media organizations to create a multi-platform project to help address mental health and addiction throughout the state. The project includes broadcast offerings, online content, and special events, like this screening, comprehensive digital teaching tools, online learning, and essential instructional content.