Resources to Support the September 11th Anniversary

Resources to Support the September 11th Anniversary

Reading Rainbow, "The Tin Forest"

The following resources have been curated by WXXI Education staff - the content and resources have been pulled from PBS LearningMedia and are appropriate for use in learning settings to support students learning about September 11th; the attacks of the World Trade Center buildings, Pentagon, and Flight 93; the War on Terror, and more.

Also shared is a special epsiode of Reading Rainbow called "The Tin Forest", where LeVar Buton heads to a New York City elementary school near Ground Zero and Jeff Bridges reads a story about sadness and hope. 

Please note: The following resources are sensitive, they contain content and material that may be sensitive or inappropriate for some students. Educators and users of these materials should exercise discretion in evaluating whether these resources are developmentally-appropriate and/or suitable for their learners.


Click to access WXXI Education's Curated List of resources to support discussions of September 11 & related topics for Early & Elementary Learners and Middle & High School Learners

Reading Rainbow "The Tin Forest": Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton visits P.S. 234, an elementary school in New York City, close to the World Trade Center, to learn about their experiences related to September 11. Also in this episode, Jeff Bridges reads the story of The Tin Forest, about a lonely man who builds a metal forest of trees and animals in hopes of attracting real animals to ease his sadness.