SSIC Digital Storybooks

SSIC Digital Storybooks

Sesame Street in Communities provides a variety of resource types for grownups to use with young children - one type is digital storybooks. 

Use this page and the downloadable list below to explore and share the different Sesame Street in Communities storybooks (on a variety of topics) with young children. WXXI Education created a downloadable and clickable document to help find and select digital storybooks that are available from Sesame Street in Communities. Each storybook is available in both English and Spanish. To toggle between English and Spanish resources, click "Espanol" or  "English" in the top left corner of the site. Below the downloadable list is a few of WXXI Education Team's favorite digital storybooks - check them out!

Please note: All of the resources listed below and available through Sesame Street in Communities are designed for co-viewing, co-learning, and co-participation - meaning that to create the most meaningful experience and takeaways, adults and children should use them together.

Digital Storybook List of Titles
Click the image below to open the clickable document. 

WXXI Education Favorites
Here are a few of our favorite digital storybooks and the Big Ideas that they touch on:

  • No Matter What: When the world around us looks and feels different, it's important to remember the things that always stay the same, no matter the love within a family!
  • Abuela's Story QuiltArt can tell important stories... and bring us closer to others.
  • A Blended-Family CelebrationMeet Sesame Street’s new Monster-Fairy Family—and celebrate the new possibilities that a blended family can bring.
  • Circle of Good It helps to remember that, even in the darkest times, people come together to help.  
  • Breathe, Buddy, Breathe!Meet Buddy the monster, who feels anxious in the dark and needs to think through a solution. Kids will learn Buddy’s “Breathe, Think, Do” plan.
  • Furry Fuzzy HugsHugs from people who care can help kids feel safe, loved, and more comfortable taking on challenges.

Sesame Street in Communities provides hundreds of bilingual multi-media tools to help kids and families enrich and expand their knowledge during the early years of birth through six, a critical window for brain development. Sesame Street’s resources engage kids and adults in everyday moments and daily routines—from teaching early math and literacy concepts, to encouraging families to eat nutritious foods, to serious topics such as grief and food insecurity. Through ongoing collaboration, training experiences, and local partnerships, the Sesame Street in Communities initiative evolves and helps make a difference. Sesame Street in Communities provides different topics, each with resources that help kids (and parents!) with what matters most in young lives. All are critical to children's healthy development and together they build the foundation for a happy, healthy life. To learn more about Sesame Street in Communities and WXXI's local work with this project, visit or

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