Rocketing Ahead On-Demand Audio

Rocketing Ahead On-Demand Audio

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In 1969, humans landed on the Moon. But why? Why did we go?Look at anything with the perspective of decades and it can seem inevitable. How often do we ever stop, look the things around us and ask: How did it get that way? When it comes to the question: Why did we go to the Moon, the answer has a little bit to do with science and a lot to do with politics. In this program we learn how the Democrats rode Sputnik to the White House in a campaign that forever changed science, technology and academia in America. Listen On-Demand

July 20, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing and AM 1370 is proud to bring listeners a week of special programming to commemorate the anniversary, running Sunday, July 14 through Sunday, July 21.

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