Facebook Live of Opioids from Inside

Facebook Live of Opioids from Inside

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Opioids From Inside: Watch & Chat Live on Facebook April 17, 2019 7PM ET with the World Channel and Producers

Connect at World Channel Facebook page. OPIOIDS FROM INSIDE follows the journey of three women, all mothers, who have served time in New York State jails for opioid-related crimes. Join director/producer David Marshall and producer Fiona Willis for a conversation about the making of the film and the evolving stories of the three women at its heart.

OPIOIDS FROM INSIDE has been honored with Regional Emmy Nominations in four categories including Best Program/Special on Societal Concerns.

OPIOIDS FROM INSIDE is part of Opioid Crisis: The Ripple Effect, a Corporation for Public Broadcasting-funded public media collaborative between WXXI, OPB (Oregon), and Ideastream (Ohio) designed to bring more awareness to this epidemic.

Two of the women have spent time in Monroe County Correctional Facility in Rochester, NY, and one is still incarcerated there, but all are now in recovery.  The film examines the difficult path to sobriety for Iris, Lisa, and Stephanie, and takes a deep look at the terrible effects of their addiction on their families and communities. 

WXXI produced Opioids from Inside as part of a collaboration with two other public media organizations, Oregon Public Broadcasting and Ideastream in Cleveland, Ohio, that is creating a series of reports on the opioid crisis in their local communities.  WORLD Channel signed on as co-producer of this half-hour documentary, providing funding and editorial support. 
“It is shocking that almost everyone has a story about a family member, friend or work colleague touched by the addiction crisis. We have a vital role to play in keeping this before the public and in helping direct people to resources to deal with the epidemic of addiction,” said Norm Silverstein, President of WXXI. 

As part this on-going effort to address the national opioid crisis,  WXXI and Blue Sky Project, WORLD Channel partnered to release  new documentary nationally on-air and online.