Playing By the Rules: Ethics at Work On-Demand

Playing By the Rules: Ethics at Work On-Demand

Picture: Sherry Hunt as seen in "The Whistleblower" episode #101

Credit: WLIW

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Comprised of three 30-minute films, this series focuses on real cases of fraud, whistleblowing, and corruption in corporate America.

Each penetrating documentary draws on business school case studies, original reporting, social psychology and commentary from prominent ethicists in three eye-opening examinations that cover a range of relevant issues involving financial institutions, the mortgage crisis, the energy market, pharmaceuticals, and more. 

Playing By the Rules: Ethics at Work:

Episode One: Watch On-Demand:

The Whistleblower, features the first-ever broadcast interview with Sherry Hunt, who brought a massive case of mortgage fraud to light. In 2011, more than two years after Citigroup took $45 billion in bailouts, Sherry Hunt was a vice president and chief underwriter at CitiMortgage in O’Fallon, Missouri. For years, Hunt had been witnessing what looked like fraud as the company bought and sold mortgage loans that did not meet Citi standards. After alerting senior management and being ignored, Hunt felt she had to take a stand. 

Episode Two Watch On-Demand:

Ask Why, focuses on the rise and fall of Enron, the company at the center of one of the most notorious corporate scandals of the twentieth century and the ethical drift that contributed to the events leading to its collapse.

Episode Three Watch On-Demand:

The Run Coal Memos, shows a look back at the Massey Energy company and its Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia. Massey was run by the hard-charging, larger than life CEO, Don Blankenship. Prosecutors say that his resistance to regulation and his constant emphasis on “running coal” led to the deadly April 5, 2010 mining disaster at Upper Big Branch. The prosecution would not only put Blankenship on trial, but the company’s culture as well.