WXXI Kids Bus Shelter Photo Contest

WXXI Kids Bus Shelter Photo Contest

Runs through June 1, 2017

Have you seen WXXI Kids bus shelters around town? 

They're fun, educational, and offer up the invitation for families to participate in our WXXI Kids Facebook photo contest.

Here's how the contest works:

  1. Take a family photo in front of all eleven WXXI Kids bus shelters.
  2. Upload the photo to WXXI Kids Facebook page and tag it #WXXIKidsBus
  3. Take your family picture at all eleven locations and win a one-year membership to WXXI Kids Club (which includes a PBS Kids backpack with super fun treats inside).
  4. Contest ends June 1, 2017
  5. Any questions? Email wxxi@wxxi.org Subject: Bus Shelter Photo Contest

So, where are the shelters located? Here's the list: 

  • Monroe Ave. & Winton Rd.
  • 3235 Chili at the Chili Fire Dept
  • Greece Ridge Mall
  • Cooper Rd. and Sandy Mount Dr. (near IHS)
  • Monroe Ave. & 3300 Monroe Ave.
  • N. Clinton Ave. & Upper Falls Blvd.
  • Ford St. & Adams St.
  • Main St. & Alexander Ave.
  • Main St. & Washington Ave.
  • St. John's Home (Pavillion Street)
  • 1351 Mt. Hope Ave. & Celebration Dr. 

*See a pdf map of the locations below.

mapoftheshelters.pdf885.75 KB