Diffability Hollywood

Diffability Hollywood

Thu, 03/02/2017 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

WXXI and the Golisano Foundation are pleased to present this film and Q&A as part of its Move to Include initiative.

 Join us Thursday, March 2 at 6 p.m. at the Little Theatre (L5), 240 East Avenue, Rochester, for a free screening of Diffability Hollywood, a documentary about Hollywood’s portrayal of people with disabilities in film, by local filmmaker Adrian Esposito. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker, hosted by local author and movie critic Jack Garner.

Diffability Hollywood spotlights the capabilities of people with disabilities, especially those with developmental disabilities, and advocates for more inclusion of writers, directors and actors with disabilities in the movie industry. The documentary also urges the film industry to portray people with disabilities in less stereotypical ways. Featured in the film is a cast of industry professionals including  Johnny Knoxville, Danny Woodburn, Jamie Brewer, Chris Burke, Lauren Potter, and more.

As someone with autism, Adrian Esposito has experienced discrimination and stereotyping on a personal basis. Diffability Hollywood comes from a self-advocate’s point of view. Esposito is a spokesperson for people with disabilities and was awarded the 2015 NYSARC Self Advocate of the Year Award and received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his film making from the National Conference of Executives (NCE) of the Arc.

This film is presented as part of WXXI and the Golisano Foundation’s Move to Include initiative, designed to build a more inclusive community. It’s also part of Spread the Word to End the Word, an ongoing effort by Special Olympics, Best Buddies and supporters around the world to inspire respect and acceptance through raising the consciousness of society about the R-word (retard or retarded) and how hurtful words and disrespect can be toward people with intellectual disabilities. The campaign is intended to engage people to pledge their support at www.r-word.org and to promote the inclusion and acceptance of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. At the Diffability Hollywood screening guests will be able to take the pledge there. 

More about Move to Include:
Move to Include is a partnership between WXXI and the Golisano Foundation designed to promote inclusion for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. Through programming and special events, WXXI and the Golisano Foundation look to build a more inclusive community by inspiring and motivating people to embrace different abilities and include all people in every aspect of community life. To learn more visit: WXXI.org/include