On-Demand: Roadtrip Nation: The Next Mission

On-Demand: Roadtrip Nation: The Next Mission


Watch On-Demand: Three veterans set off on a road trip to discover their purpose in the civilian world.

Roadtrip Nation: The Next Mission, shares stories presented prove there’s no one way to handle transition—each veteran has a different background and set of challenges. But they all share a common hurdle: after spending their lives defined by their military identity, they wonder who they’ll be when the uniform is gone. Helen Chandler has been in or around the military her whole life—she was literally born in an Army helicopter. But now that she has retired from her military career, she’s struggling to find an identity that doesn’t revolve around being a soldier. Army veteran Sam Shockley had everything stripped from him in an instant when he lost his legs to an explosive device during a tour of Afghanistan. But after trudging through post-traumatic depression, he feels he’s finally ready to take hold of his life and find a passion that will push him forward. Bernard Edwards has already figured out what his passion is—helping his fellow veterans transition out of financial and mental woes. Now he’s ready to execute his vision, and seeks to connect with other altruistic veterans like himself. From interviews with fitness entrepreneur Derek Weida, to skincare line founder Nicole Baldwin, author and businessman Robert Kiyosaki, and many more, the road-trippers discover that the skills cultivated in the military aren’t relegated to the battlefield; they can be translated to any number of exciting jobs.

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