Time for School On-Demand

Time for School On-Demand

The documentary spotlights the 12-year journey of five extraordinary children in five countries as they struggle to get a basic education.

While September marks the return to school for students in the United States, education is still not an option for millions of children in developing countries. Time for School: 2003 – 2016, puts a human face on this underreported global crisis, spotlighting the 12-year journey of five extraordinary children in five countries as they struggle to get a basic education.

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Time for School introduces viewers to Nanavi in Benin; Jefferson in Brazil; Neeraj in India; Joab in Kenya; and Shugufa in Afghanistan and follows them from their first year of school in 2003 to the time of their hoped-for high school graduation. The film, told through the point of view of the children and their families, presents the contrasting lives of those who were forced to abandon schooling and those who are still following their dreams. It tells a story of what’s at stake when war, abject poverty, or just being a girl stands between a child and the simple promise of a basic education.

This unique 12-year documentary project was inspired by the Millennium Development Goal of “Education for All,” a promise that 189 nations made to the United Nations in 2000, to provide every child around the world with a free primary education by 2015. While there has been progress over the past 15 years, there are still 58 million children out of school around the globe and around 100 million who do not complete primary school – in spite of universal recognition that education is the smartest anti-poverty investment that any country can make.

Time for School: 2003 – 2016 is directed and produced by Nina Chaudry. Andrew Fredericks and Nina Chaudry are the writers. Andrew Fredericks is editor. Pamela Hogan is series creator. Pamela Hogan, Tamara Rosenberg and Oren Rudavsky are executive producers. Sally Jo Fifer is executive producer for ITVS. Julie Anderson is executive producer for THIRTEEN. Stephen Segaller is executive in charge for WNET.

Time for School: 2003 – 2016 is a co-production of LoudMouse Productions LLC, THIRTEEN Productions LLC for WNET, and Independent Television Service (ITVS).

Major funding for Time for School: 2003 – 2016 is provided by the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Foundation, the Artemis Rising Foundation, Rosalie K. Stahl, Dana and Virginia Randt, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Fisher-Cummings Family Fund and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).