Not Yet Begun to Fight

Not Yet Begun to Fight

Wed, 06/29/2016 - 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Retired Marine Colonel Eric Hastings shares with the next generation of veterans his secret to acceptance and healing.

As a retired Marine Colonel, Eric Hastings holds memories of flight missions in which he traced through the intricate landsape of Vietnam from high above. Looking down on the winding rivers below, he distracted himself from the distruction of war with the dream of someday fly fishing. Upon his return home and a battle with PTSD, Hastings tied a fly to a line, visited a Montana river, and never looked back.

After successfully overcoming his PTSD through fishing, Hastings shows a new generation of veterans the power of the simple act in healing. 


This airing of Not Yet Begun to Fight is also a part of VETERANS CONNECTIONS programming on WXXI-WORLD. To draw awareness to the issues of local veterans, WXXI and the Little Theatre convened a Veterans Affairs Task Force to identify the most pressing needs and issues facing veterans and their families in the Greater Rochester area and to make recommendations about ways that WXXI/Little programming and outreach can help address those needs. Learn More:

Not Yet Begun to Fight is also airing Wednesday, 6/29/16 at 10am and 4pm.