Get Ready to Rio! With Chef Hubert Keller

Get Ready to Rio! With Chef Hubert Keller

Sat, 07/23/2016 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm

As the world’s attention turns to Rio de Janeiro for the August 2016 Olympics, Chef Hubert Keller explores and celebrates Rio’s exciting and vibrant culinary scene. 

Get Ready to Rio! With Chef Hubert Keller airs Saturdays at 1pm on WXXI-TV starting July 23. In the show, Chef Keller talks with and learns from Rio’s most celebrated chefs, popular street food vendors, a brewmaster, and Brazilian cookbook author. No one is better suited for a culinary tour of Rio than Chef Keller who worked in Brazil as a young chef. There, he developed a deep understanding of the country’s diverse and wonderful food traditions, ingredients and local dishes.

Get Ready to Rio! With Chef Hubert Keller includes these episodes: 

Carioca Favorites 

Chef Keller meets Rio-born cookbook author, Leticia Moreinos Schwartz at the beautiful Ipanema Beach for a run and juice stop. Afterwards, they head to Rio’s famous pedestrian mall for a tour of Confeitaria Columbo, one of the most elegant teahouses in the world.

Then it is an introduction to Brazil’s most famous and beloved dish of all: Feijoada, a delicious meat and black bean stew. At the Caesar Park feijoada buffet, Chef Keller finds 10 unique feijoadas including some that use some surprising cuts of meat.

The last stop is at the beautiful Bar Urca which sits on the scenic Guanabara Bay next to Sugar Loaf Mountain. Chef Keller is very impressed with the Portuguese-influenced food which he finds both delicious and perfectly prepared.

A Taste of Africa and the Amazon 

They say you can find the heart and soul of Rio at its famous Farmers’ Markets. Chef Keller browses the stalls filled with wonderful street food and the sweetest fruits and vegetables imaginable.

He joins an EATRIO food tour run by Brazilian food expert, Tom LeMesurier. Afterwards, they head to one of Rio’s very best Amazonian restaurants, Tacaca do Norte, for a real food adventure.

Then a ride up to the beautiful and bohemian Santa Teresa district where they get a taste of bar life in Rio at the celebrated Bar do Gomez. In the evening, they visit Rio’s most famous street food vendor, the beautiful and elegant Nega Teresa who makes the African dish, Acarajé.

Rio Fusion: French & Brazilian 

Every time Chef Keller goes to Rio, he visits his good friend, French-born Claude Troisgros, who is culinary royalty in Rio. They have lunch at his CT Boucherie restaurant, a Brazilian steakhouse or “churrascaria” considered to have some of the best meat in Rio.

Claude takes Hubert to meet his friend Katia Barbosa for some of the best Brazilian home cooking in Rio. At her famous Aconchego Carioca restaurant, Chef Keller is dazzled by her signature dishes, including the Bolinhos Feijoada and Shrimp in Coconut.

His next food stop is at TT Burger, reputed to have the best burger in Rio. While it looks American on the surface, the burger is Brazilian from the pickle to the bun.

The final destination is to what may be the most romantic and beautiful restaurant in Rio: Aprazivel.

Hip, Hot & Trendy 

Chef Pedro Artagão, considered one of Rio’s hottest up- and-coming chefs, gives Chef Keller a tour of his restaurant Iraja. Chef Pedro demonstrates three of his signature dishes, including a Caesar Kale Salad and a Picanha Beef with Manioc Puree.

At midnight, Pedro introduces Chef Keller to an insider secret place: Galeto Sats Barbecue in Copacabana, a hotspot for chefs who meet and eat there after their shifts.

The next day Chef Keller visits Rio’s most famous microbrewery, Jeffrey Beer which has an art gallery and lab for testing new beers. Chef Keller is invited to a beer and cheese tasting before he leaves.

The final night of his stay, Chef Keller is the guest of honor at a special Carioca (residents of Rio) barbecue arranged by the chefs and foodies he visited while in Rio. Set on the water, there are beautiful and mouthwatering meats sizzling on the grill, everything from roasts and steaks to sausages and ribs. They are accompanied by a myriad of delicious side dishes, plenty of ice cold beer and some intoxicating music. The perfect way to end a trip to Rio de Janeiro.