Latino USA

Latino USA

Saturdays at 6 p.m. on AM 1370

Host Maria Hinojosa

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Latino USA, airing Saturdays at 6 p.m. on AM 1370, brings you some of our favorite stories from the past year, focusing on Puerto Rico and natives like Rita Moreno and the band Calle 13.

Latino USA is the foremost Latino voice in public media and the longest running Latino-centered program on radio. As the only program on NPR with a dedicated focus on America's Latino community, Latino USA gives voice to the New Mainstream. Since 1992, Futuro Media Group's Latino USA has brought depth of experience, on-the-ground connections and knowledge of current and emerging issues impacting Latinos and other people of color. Latino USA reports stories about diversity, culture, civic dialogue and how people live and struggle with difference.

Latino USA celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2013, and its stories continue to illuminate how we live today. Latino USA combines high-quality news, cultural and public affairs journalism with compelling sound to bring a rich understanding of the Latino experience to a wide spectrum of listeners.

With such a rich history, the time is right for Latino USA to grow. On September 6, 2013, Latino USA expands in length to an hour. The new Latino USA is fast-paced, lively and smart with varied points of view and writing designed for the busy weekend NPR listener. As it has always done, it chronicles how Latinos are living, shaping and changing America.